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Khadevis Robinson

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Olympian, Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach

Major Things Happen In Minor Moments!

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About Me

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It has been said that, “Major Things Happen in Minor Moments”, but the truth is, there are no Minor Moments. Major things happen when we make them happen. In 2000 and 2008, I was unfortunate enough to have finished the dreaded fourth at The USA Olympic Trials. Only the top three make the Olympic team. Each time, I would have to wait another 4 years before I would have the opportunity to make a team and each time I would go on to make an Olympic team. You see, Adversity introduces a man to himself. Having escaped the inner city, graduated from a Private Christian University, obtained a Master’s degree, made two Olympic teams, authored a Book, starting a Nonprofit, Coached at 3 top athletic universities in the nation, I have realized that Success Leaves Clues.

You see, we will have Setbacks, but I understand that A Setback is A Setup for A Comeback. You see, my Comeback is not special simply because I overcame obstacles, yet, become I realized that those obstacles were actually there for a purpose. Through my Faith, life lessons, success principles and perseverance I have learned my formula for success. Your Setbacks and obstacles can be defeated if you apply the Winners mindset. By improving your Faith, Health, Fitness and Wealth, you will realize peace and happiness are actually by-products of living a balanced life. GOD put us here on Purpose for a Purpose! MY purpose is to share these winning strategies with YOU!