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Olympian, Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach

Major Things Happen In Minor Moments!

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hadevis Robinson

Khadevis Robinson is an Olympian, Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach.

About Me

It has been said that, “Major Things Happen in Minor Moments”, but the truth is, there are no Minor Moments. Major things happen when we make them happen. In 2000 and 2008, I was unfortunate enough to have finished the dreaded fourth at The USA Olympic Trials. Only the top three make the Olympic team. Each time, I would have to wait another 4 years before I would have the opportunity to make a team and each time I would go on to make an Olympic team. You see, Adversity introduces a man to himself. Having escaped the inner city, graduated from a Private Christian University, obtained a Master’s degree, made two Olympic teams, authored a Book, starting a Nonprofit, Coached at 3 top athletic universities in the nation, I have realized that Success Leaves Clues.

Khadevis Robinson

About Me

You see, we will have Setbacks, but I understand that A Setback is A Setup for A Comeback. You see, my Comeback is not special simply because I overcame obstacles, yet, become I realized that those obstacles were actually there for a purpose. Through my Faith, life lessons, success principles and perseverance I have learned my formula for success. Your Setbacks and obstacles can be defeated if you apply the Winners mindset. By improving your Faith, Health, Fitness and Wealth, you will realize peace and happiness are actually by-products of living a balanced life. GOD put us here on Purpose for a Purpose! MY purpose is to share these winning strategies with YOU!

Khadevis Robinson

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When Seconds Count
When Seconds Count

WHEN SECONDS COUNT: In Minor Moments, Major Things Happen

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"Don't lose your voice on someone who isn't even listening!"

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October 09th, 2019

Everything is better when you are happy!

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July 29th, 2019

What is a KHADEVISM? First, let us define an ISM. An ISM is a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory. AN act, Practice or Process. It has been stated that we…

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Love, Wealth and Success

July 29th, 2019

Love, Wealth and Success Author Unknown A woman came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not…

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Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs

“On behalf of Sports Diplomacy and the U.S Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), thank you for your service as a running Sports Envoy to Zimbabwe. The program was a success because of your strong leadership and passion for reaching the youth to promote inclusion through the universal language of running. Through your efforts, young men and women throughout the country were able to realize the importance of coming together to stop gender-based violence and how sport can play a great role in promoting this sense of unity and compassion. In each stop you made, you were able to inspire and instill these values in the next generation of athletes in Zimbabwe, and for that we are greatly appreciative!”

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Joshua Shen

Program Officer, Sports Diplomacy Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs

Youth Advisory Council Conference

“It is with the utmost appreciation that I thank you on behalf of the City of Fort Worth for participating in the 2019 Youth Advisory Council COnference (Yac). It was a very successful event due in large part to your contribution. ”

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Betsy Price

Mayor - Fort Worth

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County

“I wanted to give thanks to Khadevis Robinson for all of the generosity, time and donations he has given to the youth in Fort Worth, Texas. He has gone above and beyond our request and has not only donated to the youth programs financially but has come to speak and deliver great words of encouragement that definitely needed to be heard by the youth who reside in Fort Worth, but is not limited to. Last year we had a youth summit here in Fort Worth that was hands done one of the largest summits Fort Worth had ever had with over 400 youth representing 51 cities throughout the State of Texas and Khadevis was our Sunday keynote speaker. When they hear his story it definitely resonates with them because he has come from where they are and now is a success and they feel like they can do it to, too. He is an outstanding motivational speaker and we look forward to his continued support of our youth here in North Texas.”

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Daphne Brookins

Youth Administrator