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Khadevis Robinson


Olympian, Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach

Major Things Happen In Minor Moments!

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KHADEVISM– A Distinctive Belief, Doctrine, System, or Theory developed, shared and implemented by Khadevis Robinson.

A key component of KHADEVISM is exhibiting an unwavering belief in one’s goals, values, abilities and life mission. In the midst of life’s challenges, initiating a KHADEVISM can assist you in maintaining the proper strategies, tactics and mindset.



SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES” – If you watch, study or hang around successful people you will start to see certain success clues. If one’s able to recognize these clues, they will increase their chances of success in any and every field of achievement.

“Major Things Happen In Minor Moments”- Most people prepare themselves for Major events and Major moments such as weddings, graduations, birthdays and vacations. THIS KHADEVISM states that if you prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, you can create something Amazing at any Moment.


  1. Developing the Champions Mindset: Mindset Training Sessions conducted weekly. These sessions identify mental barriers and assist in recognizing, developing and then initiating The Champions Mindset in selected areas of your life.
  2. Unleashing Your Inner Olympian: An exercise training program that teaches fitness enthusiasts how to train properly, save time, achieve personal records, and avoid the dreaded “Training Rut” we’ve all been susceptible to on occasion. We all have an “INNER OLYMPIAN”, a fitness or life goal that we had but buried due to our lives getting busier and hectic. This training program (Physical, Mental or both) can be utilized by any individual at any level of fitness and/or expertise.
  3. Explore Your Core: This Core program is designed to help individuals develop and strengthen their core muscles, while simultaneously building the Mental Muscle. This program is lead by Khadevis Robinson, via Zoom and in select situations, in person. This is the exact core program used by NCAA Champions, USA Champions, Olympians and Olympic Champions. The Explore Your Core DVD can be purchased for at home use.

Any questions, pricing or requests concerning the KHADEVISM services can be answered by sending an email to