Kasia Muoto
Founder and President, We Play to Win, Inc.
Program Director, Kaiser Permanente

“I have had the privilege of not only being a recipient of Khadevis (KD) Robinson’s talks and life lessons, but then also having him as speaker at one of my own organization’s functions. I received numerous comments from audience members who were moved not only by the content of his talk, but by his passion for life and tremendous humility. KD’s speaking weaves together his many experiences as an Olympian, a world traveler and learner, a mentor, and a winner. He has a gift of being able to connect experiences, ideas, words and people in ways that inspire and provoke thought and action! I would not hesitate to recommend KD to any of my prior and current corporate partners, peers, leaders, as well as the adult and youth audiences that my nonprofit organization serves. His message and approach towards service, personal and professional growth, overcoming obstacles, and maximizing those “divine moments” in life, are very powerful, contagious, and relevant regardless of one’s industry or background.”

Johnny Wimbrey
Author, Speaker, Mentor

“Everyday we read about history, and everyday history is being written. Khadevis Robinson is the essence of history in the making. KD has the unique ability to captivate, dazzle, and challenge the mind while simultaneously delivering a break through message to empower the masses to greatness. Khadevis, I am honored to call you “Friend”; the mark of greatness is upon you. Your selfless determination to encourage, increase, and bring historic breakthrough in the minds across our globe puts you in a league of your own… you have done us proud my friend. Keep charging forward.”

Jerry Davis
Music Director
400 Meter Masters Runner

“You can do what’s necessary or you can do what’s comfortable”. These are the words, impressed upon me by Khadevis through his coaching. It was these words that enabled me to take two full seconds off of my PR and to place second place in the 2010 Western Regional Finals. More magically than that was the understanding that these words are very powerful and universal. I now apply them at my corporate level job, with my family and friends and in all other areas of my life. “You can do what’s necessary or you can do what’s comfortable”.

Emilse A. Gonzalez
Director of Program Development
Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood

Khadevis Robinson, track and field champion, came to Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood on Friday, September 10, 2010. He met with 30 youth, ages 6 – 9, and shared with them highlights of his career and the importance of perseverance and working hard. After a brief introduction, all members took part in several fitness drills (high knees,bunny hops, partner pushups, etc). Khadevis shared some of the exercises that made him a track and field champion.

After the fitness activities, some members had a chance to challenge Khadevis in foosball, a game he played at his local Boys & Girls Club when he was growing up. The event culminated with everyone enjoying delicious fruit smoothies.

The children had a fun time! It was a great finale to our summer program. Khadevis was engaging and motivating. The children enjoyed interacting with him and had a wonderful time participating in the fitness drills.

Thank you so much, Khadevis, for taking the time to share with our kids!

Jamie Milnes.
Founder and CEO, Get Fit Go Play
323 646 1123

Khadevis offered to meet with a group of our students who had signed up to run the LA Marathon, which was a daunting feat for most of them. From the second he began I could feel how the power of his delivery and presence had gripped their attention in a very special way.

His passion and authenticity resonated with these teens on a very personal level, in a way that only someone who has truly struggled and overcome huge obstacles in their life could relate to. His funny and and fascinating anecdotes were an inspiration to our teen students who thrive on positive reinforcement, especially when delivered from someone as special as KD. By the time he was done I don’t think there was a shred of self doubt left in that room that they could not overcome the challenge that lay before them. I just wish I could get a hold of him every week.

Thanks KD!