Motivational Speaking

“Let eight time national Champion/Olympian and speaker Khadevis Robinson help you and your team “Unleash the Olympian Within”.

Whether you want to awaken kids to the possibilities in life, inspire your sales team to make it their best quarter ever, or help people live a more engaged and rewarding life, Khadevis Robinson can make that happen. His passion and enthusiasm separate him from the typical motivational corporate speaker. KD deeply believes in what he has to say and has the rare ability to “read” his audience—any audience—and tailor his message so that it is always unique and compelling; emboldening and awakening the audience to reach inside themselves for the success they are aiming for.

Khadevis’s authentic spirit, genuine smile and committed methodology captivate and engage his audience. His willingness to share his failures and successes gives listeners access to his winning style, his integrity, his vulnerability, and the power of faith. His leadership skills drive diversity and inclusion into his coaching style with an easy strength.

Khadevis speaks to the heart of the chosen topic infusing his 5-point star belief system: faith, focus, perseverance, courage and winning. Couple that with his knowledge of what it takes to be a success in all walks of life, and you have the makings of a great event; one that will spark conversations long after KD leaves the stage.

No matter what your definition of success is, KD will point you in your right direction and give you the tools to tackle your dreams.

Khadevis Robinson’s demanding schedule as a Motivational Speaker is evidence of his popularity and personality at its best. Call today to discuss how Khadevis can be the highlight of your event, workshop or keynote address.

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