“There is greatness in all of us. We have all been blessed with different skills and talents. Spiritual, physical, and intellectual gifts that only we can share with the world.”  -KD Robinson”

I have always known that Major Things Happen In Minor Moments. When you are young you often overlook the Minor Moments. You are so caught up in having fun, or in my case, surviving, you miss the Minor Moments until the Major things happen.  Looking at my life now,  and what I have accomplished, one could imagine that maybe I was lucky, was in the right place at the right time or GOD just blessed me with some amazing talent.

The truth is probably a combination of all three plus the addition of many other factors. I have learned that not only  does SUCCESS leave clues but Failure does also. Looking back on my life, I can now see why I struggled at times. You see, Tupac said it best when he said, Just because you from the GHETTO doesn’t me you can’t grow. Growth has always been a major goal of mine. At first it wasn’t growing in the sense of becoming a better person, but growing in the sense of being bigger so I could become a better football player. Yet, no matter what I did, I was always this little skinny kid. I had endurance, I was fast and I was smart.  I learned that being fit, fast and smart was a good combination. That combination helped me navigate through my environment. An environment in which the fit, fast and smart could prosper if they are fit, fast and smart enough.

Later on Luck came into play because running track was the last thing on my mind. My plans was playing football. Then I figured out what that old quote meant, “ People make plans and GOD laughs”. GOD had an entirely different plan for me and so I literally ran from one side of the track to the other side of the tracks. You see, where I’m from, railroad tracks can be an imaginary dividing line. I went from running to school, running to practice, running to and from fights, running my mouth, to literally running track. Who would have ever known where it would take me.   I felt like Forrest Gump, when he said running could take me anywhere. Not only did it take me anywhere, it took me everywhere. I literally found myself running all over the world and meeting all kinds of people. Each trip I took expanded my vision and expanded my mind.  An a Mind once expanded never goes back to it’s original form.  Every trip, every race, every win, every loss, every adventure was a lesson.  I started to understand that one must be willing to give up who you have been, for whom you can become! But, what was I Becoming!

Me!  I was Becoming me.  Here I was a skinny kid form the Southside of Fort Worth, Texas, with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Master’s Degree in Public Administration armed with nothing but a dream and GOD. Yes, GOD. I realized a long time ago that I simply wasn’t this good. There was so many people smarter than I, better looking than I, faster than I, tougher than I, and had more than I and yet here I was in London with Michael Jordan, Then in Monaco with the Prince, having a conversation with Carl Lewis, At the Olympic Games in Greece, eating a five course meal in a castle in Holland, living in Santa Monica California, and oh, Married my College Sweet heart. How was I able to do this? Well, Moses asked a similar question. Who am i to attempt to do such amazing things. The answer from GOD was simply, “ I am with you”. That was the answer. From avoiding death numerous times, avoiding the pitfalls that most fall into, avoiding the Major Mistakes ( Though a made some major mistakes) I was able to learn a a lot and realized that GOD gave me Talents and Gifts to share with others.  So, Major Things Happen in Minor Moments, but the truth is. There are no Minor Moments. Major Things Happen when we make them happen.

I pray to GOD that I use every ounce of  Talent, every Gift,  every lesson , and every opportunity to not only be a World Class Athlete/Speaker/Coach but to be a World Class Father, Husband, Child and Human Being.

Khadevis Robinson

“Awaken Your Inner Olympian”

Olympian (Peak Performance Coach, Speaker) 

Career Highlights

  1. Four-time USA Outdoor Champion (’99, ’05, ’06, ’07)

  2. Four-time USA Indoor champion (’99, ’06, ’08, 09)

  3. 1998 NCAA Outdoor champion

  4. Five-time USA Outdoor runner-up (’02, ’03, ’04, 09, 11)